What Does SEO Stand For ?

What Does SEO Stand For ?

SEO was a term that was not known to the world 20 years ago. However, in today’s time, you are constantly hearing about SEO. How is your SEO? Does your SEO really help your business? Or many businesses are being told that their SEO needs work. However, if you are unsure of what SEO is, it can be even harder to recognize just why your business needs to focus on this!
Read on to find out what does SEO stand for?

What is SEO?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. However, to someone who is not familiar with these terms, this doesn’t really explain much! SEO is basically the way that you make your website more attractive to search engines so that your website is going to rank. You can have great ideas and great content, but if your SEO is poor, Google is not going to rank your website super high on the list!

When you go to a search engine and search a term, the websites that appear are those that have been using SEO for that keyword. If your website is not utilizing a keyword, then it will not be found easily via an online search. And if your business cannot be found easily, consumers will not spend a lot of time trying to find you, thus any type of time that you have put into your online presence may have been wasted.

Did You Know…

SEO has been around since the early 1990’s, when computers started to really get popular. However, it wasn’t something that people focused on. SEO did not become a huge deal until it was used by Google in order to rank websites. It was then that people started to focus on this and utilize methods to get their website ranked higher on the list.

For those who utilize SEO, they will find that this can increase the traffic to their website by at least 25%, sometimes more, depending upon what they are being searched for. Therefore, SEO is something that every business needs to take seriously. For business owners who are unsure of what to do, they are going to find that DesignLoud can help. We have been working with website design, and SEO for several years, utilizing white hat techniques in order to get businesses ranked on search engines like Google.

If you are truly wanting to succeed online, SEO is a must! However, you must ensure that you are using SEO in a way that will not penalize you. Thus, it is a must to avoid black hat SEO tactics, which can greatly inhibit your success online. If you still have questions about SEO, contact our team today!

Now you know what SEO is, how can you market it? Find out how, here.

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