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DesignLoud can help you with a consistent flow of customers to your business through website design, paid advertising and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  You need to know that your investment is generating actual revenue for you and that is where we are rock stars.

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Know Your Audience So We Can Qualify Your Traffic
Convert Your Traffic To Leads & Customers
Establish Brand Loyalty & Grow Your Community
Know Your Audience So We Can Qualify Your Traffic

It is important to know who your audience is, what are their interest groups, demographics and what problems are they searching for that you can solve.  We subscribe to market research that allows our team to gain deep insights on the habits of your potential customers. 

Everything from layout to color palette to placement of call to actions all have a significant effect to whether someone engages with your brand.  But once you have all this information, how do you reach them?  What websites or social media platforms are they using?  What are they reading online that is relevant to the challenges they face in their business?  By understanding your target market, we can provide you with a website and marketing strategy that captures the right people, at the right time.

Convert Your Traffic To Leads & Customers

By using the data we collect in our discovery session, we build a funnel that pre-qualifies your traffic before they engage with your brand so that we can maximize your marketing dollars and deliver you more qualified conversions. 

First, we want to establish brand awareness by providing your target audience with information they find relevant to the answers they are seeking.  Once someone has engaged with your brand and are aware of who you are, we build trust by showing them that you are not just “a choice” but “the choice” in your field.  Now that they have engaged with your brand on more than one occasion and trust you as a thought leader they are entered at the top of your sales funnel.  Through targeted messages and advertising we can target these users with specific marketing materials that bring them back for a conversion.

Establish Brand Loyalty & Grow Your Community

To build your community, you need to continue to provide value to your customers.  Actively engaging with your audience through your different media channels enables you to build confidence in your customer which establishes brand loyalty.

What reasons do you provide your customers to come back and purchase from you again?  Do you continuously provide value and show relevance to your customers or solicit feedback about their experience? These are just some examples of how your business can establish brand loyalty and grow your community.

Tools We Use To Grow Your Business

WordPress Design and Development
Laravel Web Applications
Adobe Creative Cloud
Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Google Adwords Consultants
Google Analytics Consulting
WooCommerce Ecommerce Platform
Workflow Automation
Yoast SEO Extension
MailChimp Newsletter Service

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