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Our Website Maintenance Services Process It's like your very own personal webmaster

Step 1

Choose Your Plan & Sign Up

Simply choose which plan fits your needs and your budget.  Immediately after signing up, we will begin the onboarding process. During this time we collect any necessary logins so that we can get started working with your website right away.

Step 2

We Start Working For You

Our team immediately starts setting up our monitoring tools and quality checks to make sure your website is running smoothly.  A representative will reach out to you to discuss any potential issues with your website and discuss our strategy for your website.

Step 3

Kick Back & Relax

Now it's time for you to lift the weight of your website off of your shoulders.  You can rest easy knowing that you have a skilled team of US-based WordPress experts working on making your site run smoothly and efficiently. 

Peace of Mind Knowing That We've Got You Covered Our Website Maintenance Services Includes

100% Secure Backups

We take a full backup of your file system and database and then we encrypt those backups and store them securely in the cloud and off-site.

Personalized Reporting

Get personalized recommendations and reports based on the KPI's that matter to you.  Our reports are easy to understand and we get straight to the point.

Worry-free Updates

Is your site going to break when you update? You don't have to worry because our team can identify problems and fix them so you're always up to date and secure.

Uptime Monitoring

Your website can be your best salesperson because it's available 24/7.  Our uptime monitoring can identify if your website is down for any reason so you're back up and running with minimal to no downtime.

404 Redirects

No more penalties from Google because a link changed or a page no longer exists.  Our 404 Monitoring service logs 404 errors and automatically redirects users to the most relevant place on your website.

Security Montioring & Cleanup

With security monitoring, we can detect any file or database changes that occur such as malicious code injections.  Not only that but if your website is ever compromised, we'll clean it up at no additional cost.

Best In Class Firewall

For an added layer of security, we include a website firewall with all of our plans so we can prevent any suspicious traffic from ever reaching your website.

Content Delivery Network

Leverage the power of our CDN to take advantage of faster load times and performance enhancements so you deliver the best user experience possible.

Website Hardening

Add another layer of security to your website by completely locking down file permissions, enforcing strong passwords, and hiding WordPress information.

Unlimited Content & Photo Updates

Is your website content getting stale?  Do you get anxiety just thinking about updating content on your website?  Each of our plans includes unlimited content and photo updates to your website.  Use our feedback system to easily tell us when and what content to update so you can focus on your business.

Top Notch Support

One of our core values is to "Obsess over our customers" (really, it's even written on our walls in the office).  We take customer satisfaction very seriously because you are trusting us with your business and asset.  We want to earn that trust and become a growth partner for your business.  We were even nominated for a "Best Customer Service" award by NCTech in 2018.

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Always enjoy Derek's insight during his informative webinars. He has a level of expertise and professionalism that is appreciated in a time where professionalism is waning. Thank you Derek!
Derek's online webinar was very insightful, and the information was presented in a way that was easy to understand. This training session about marketing using Chat GPT made me more aware of the information/resources I have at my fingertips so that I may continue to grow my small business. Thank you for a wonderful seminar and answering all of my questions!
I was a very informative view of ecommerce advertizing.
Very informative and honest.
Derek's training provided real, useful, relevant content that is immediately actionable. He shared a great deal of knowledge and is serious about helping businesses become better. Highly recommend.


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