How to use “white hat” SEO techniques for better ranking

Derek Schmidt is the owner of DesignLoud, Inc located in Wilmington, NC and tekMountain. Derek and his team provide white label digital marketing services to clients and other web agencies throughout the United States. The team at DesignLoud is responsible for delivering results that convert users and engage search engines through SEO and other methods of digital marketing.


In our meet up we will be discussing what the difference is between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. We will discuss the role and implementation of keywords, meta tags, content structure and internal/external linking. We will also talk briefly about setting up webmaster tools and sitemaps and various tools to help you with your SEO analysis.

Source: Digital Marketing Meetup


DesignLoud is a web development & digital marketing agency located in Wilmington, NC. Our team takes great pleasure in teaching others how to build and market their websites to see higher returns.

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