What is Digital Marketing And How You Can Use It

In the growing digital age, you will often hear the term digital marketing and this is a larger area than is initially realized and incorporates a variety of functions. Essentially it means to market online and this could be anything from social media promotions to leveraging search engines or email opt-ins or the way that businesses interact with their customers online.

With an increasing amount of people spending time online, whether that is on their desktop, phones or tablets, it creates plentiful opportunities for marketers to reach their demographic and influence them, if they know how to implement this properly.

There are plenty of benefits to digital marketing that include:

Speaking your demographic’s language

Many millennials are starting to make up a lot of the workforce which means that if you want to appeal to your demographic and those who have the money to spend on your business, you need to communicate with them using platforms they understand.


Accurate ideas on how and what is happening with your business makes it easier to forecast and risk assess for the future to grow your business needs in the right area.


Digital marketing can make segmenting your audiences and reaching out to them separately, easier. For example, your business might sell several products that appeal to different users, using digital marketing you can market to different audiences at the same time so you are making the most of your efforts.

Adaptable Feedback

You can see and experience how your audience is reacting to your message and adapt accordingly to tweak it rather than waiting for it to all be over.

Cost Effective

In many instances, it can be cheaper to create digital content and share it than it can be to produce something tangible.

Channels You Can Use For Digital Marketing

You may now be wondering where to start and what actually counts as digital marketing so here are some channels you can explore:
Email campaigns
Online publications, such as eBooks, brochures etc.
Social media platforms
Business website
Images and branding e.g. logos, header images


As you can see, digital marketing is broader ranging than many think and has a lot of moving parts to utilize. Using some of the channels mentioned above you should see how you are reaching your audience and what you can do better, as well as other ways you can successfully market online. If you need more tips on how to use digital marketing to your advantage, contact us today.


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