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We make it simple, allowing you to advertise your products and services directly to consumers through their streaming devices.

What is CTV and OTT Advertising?

Connected TV Advertising (CTV) is a type of advertising in which advertisers will target consumers who are watching television content, but who are not only using traditional linear TV. Connected TV Advertising can be targeted using interests, demographics and geographics and to specific types of devices and apps.

Over-the-top (OTT) advertising is a type of advertisement that is delivered to consumers via their streaming devices, such as set-top cable boxes or Roku. These ads are targeted to specific types of devices and apps, such as Hulu. They can be online video advertisements or ads that are played on television content shortly after the TV show ends. There is no fixed time for when the advertisement will start playing. Over-the-top advertising is becoming a more common form of advertising for companies who want to reach consumers in the home environment.

Traditional Television is Dead

Connected TV is a new way to advertise, but it can be hard for businesses and CTV advertisers to find the right agency.

You Need The Right Message, to the right person, at the right time On Every Device.

There are plenty of agencies that will help you create an ad campaign for your brand, but so many of them don't understand how to work with CTV advertising. Many times they'll just try and run a traditional television ad on connected TVs and other devices instead of using the full capabilities available through this medium.

We have been helping businesses grow through Advertising since 2011.

DesignLoud is here to change all that by offering experienced professionals who know how to create effective ads and campaigns for these new types of screens. We have experience working with both OTT advertising as well as Connected TV advertisements, meaning we can offer you expertise in two different areas at once!

Here's Why Your Business Should Be Using CTV and OTT advertising

Connected TV (CTV) and Over-the-top (OTT) are the two hottest advertising mediums at the moment. Any new or burgeoning business needs to think about how they're going to stay ahead of competitors, and advertising on CTV and OTT is one way to do that.

  • CTV and OTT ads are more targeted to your specific demographic
  • CTV and OTT ads can be geo-targeted- so you know who sees your ad
  • With the rise of cord cutting, people are turning to streaming services for their content consumption needs
  • You can create a custom video that is tailored towards what you want to sell or promote
  • You can track the return on your investment

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Always enjoy Derek's insight during his informative webinars. He has a level of expertise and professionalism that is appreciated in a time where professionalism is waning. Thank you Derek!
Derek's online webinar was very insightful, and the information was presented in a way that was easy to understand. This training session about marketing using Chat GPT made me more aware of the information/resources I have at my fingertips so that I may continue to grow my small business. Thank you for a wonderful seminar and answering all of my questions!
I was a very informative view of ecommerce advertizing.
Very informative and honest.
Derek's training provided real, useful, relevant content that is immediately actionable. He shared a great deal of knowledge and is serious about helping businesses become better. Highly recommend.

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