Mobile Applications

With the proliferation of mobile devices ranging from tablets to smart phones to smart watches – there is certainly a growing market for mobile applications! Whether you are looking for a mass market mobile app such as a game or a social networking application or you are looking for a business app such as a mobile based CRM or automated sales force, DesignLoud is the right company for you! We have worked with companies and individuals at all stages of the mobile application process from idea inception to final roll out. DesignLoud can create your mobile application to be accessible to users on Android, iOS, Windows, or Blackberry platforms and our graphic designers will be sure that your vision becomes reality.

Mobile Application DevelopmentDo I need a mobile application for each platform?

Generally, the answer to this question is yes.  While the programming language for iOS (Apple products) tends to be Objective C and C, android on the other hand is java.  However, depending on the complexity of the mobile app, most code can easily be recycled from one platform to another with minimal adjustments.  There are also tools for mobile app developers to use that will allow you to essentially code one “framework” and it will adapt the code to the various platforms and programming languages needed.  This of course does depend on the application, while this will work with most basic applications it sometimes will not work with more advanced ones.  Not to mention, each platform has its own standards for promo graphics and app icons.

Our mobile application development process

Our mobile applications are built with the end user in mind. The User Interface is our #1 priority since it is after all your users that determine the usefulness of your mobile application. We take the time to make sure that all of the “behind the scenes” functionalities are programmed properly the first time so that you can hit the ground running! If you are looking to sell your mobile application or make your mobile application available for the public download DesignLoud will also package your mobile application to appeal to potential users within the specific guidelines of mobile application platforms such as Google Play and the Apple Store.