3 Steps You Should Avoid With SEO (Black Hat Techniques)

3 Steps You Should Avoid With SEO (Black Hat Techniques)

Google and other search engines have developed considerably over time and one of the key areas they have focused on is quality. These platforms have become more stringent with regards to quality so they make sure websites displayed at the top of a search engine results page provides a good user experience.

They’re also cracking down on bad SEO or black hat techniques. At DesignLoud, we avoid all known black hat SEO techniques and keep an eye out for new ones. These can invite penalties from search engines, which harms a website’s reputation. Here are three steps you should definitely avoid:

1. Keyword Stuffing, Stacking, or Unrelated Keywords

Keywords are an important aspect of any SEO strategy but they can be used incorrectly. For best results, these words should be used sparingly and reasonably so they don’t compromise the reading experience. Avoid using too many or repeating the same keywords several times in a body of text. That can disrupt the flow, which will impact the user’s
experience. Modern search engines will check for excessive use. Don’t use unrelated key phrases in the text as that will also attract penalties. Make sure everything you use is related to the industry and content for best results.

2. Don’t Cloak

This is a very deceptive tactic that will harm your reputation. This process involves showing the search engine one site and leading the user to another. For example, the user is looking for research material on a particular topic but is sent to a gambling website instead. This happens quite often and search engines are cracking down on it. Make sure the website or content presented to users is the same as the one presented to search engines.

3. Avoid Link Exchanges or Link Farms

Link building is an important aspect of SEO and it can improve website rankings by a considerable margin. Unfortunately, getting good quality links from high-authority websites can be difficult as well as time-consuming. Many companies attempt to take a shortcut by purchasing them or joining link farms, both of which are illegal tactics. Link farms are a group of websites that share links for the sole purpose of improving ranking without any industry or topic similarities, which deceives users.

Now that you know what NOT to do, let’s talk about what you should be doing instead.

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