8 ways to boost your local SEO

Brick and mortar businesses may have long relied on conventional advertising to spread the word about their business, but times have changed. In the digital age, even offline businesses have to utilize online promotional techniques if they wish to catch the eye of their customers – with local SEO arguably the most critical consideration of all.

If you run a brick and mortar business, here are eight ideas that can help to improve your local SEO efforts and ensure your offline business benefits from greater online visibility in future.

1. Mobile-friendly design

Your business’ website should be mobile-friendly, which is also known as a “responsive” design. Google, and other search engines, are said to prioritize mobile-friendly sites in search results, so ensuring your site displays well on mobile devices is incredibly important to local SEO.



2. Add your business’ phone number and address to your website

If a prospective local customer clicks through to your website from a search engine results page, you need to ensure they can find contact details for your store as quickly as possible. As a result, include your phone number and address prominently on your site, ideally on multiple pages. Best place on the top in the navigation.

3. Post regularly on social media

Social media can connect you with a local community of interested companies, while also help to further your off-page SEO efforts. Post well-written, engaging posts at least three times a week to enjoy these benefits.

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4. Use locally targeted ads

Locally targeting ads is an excellent way of managing your advertising budget. After all, there’s relatively little point advertising your offline store to consumers in other countries or cities, so target your ads to ensure you’re only advertising to individuals who genuinely may patronize your business in future.

5. Make sure you have a Google My Business page

Google My Business pages are incredibly important in terms of local SEO, so if you don’t already have a page setup, then make this a priority. You’ll first need to claim your business through the “Google My Business” platform and then add all relevant information. You can also choose to allow your business to appear on Google Maps, which is highly advised.

6. Keep local directories updated

Similarly to your Google My Business page, if you have submitted your site to local directories, regularly ensure that these listings are up-to-date. Set a monthly reminder to check each directory and update any information – such as your business’ phone number or email address – as is necessary.

7. Events

Heighten your business’ visibility in the local community by regularly running events at your business, which can then be publicized online and targeted to specific local users. You may also want to consider releasing press releases for each event, helping to generate backlinks and potentially even generating attention from your local press.


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8.Flash sales

Flash sales can be a great way of capturing the attention of bargain-savvy internet users, many of whom may go on to share the sale with their friends on their own social media pages – significantly improving your off-page local SEO as a result.

In conclusion

Hopefully, the tips above should help you improve the local SEO efforts of your brick and mortar business – good luck!


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