Surf City Dental Case Study

The Client

Surf City Dental is a full service dental office located in Surf City NC. As a practice that is committed to providing patients with high quality, friendly service in a gentle and caring atmosphere while using state-of-the-art technology to provide proven results. The dental practice also prides themselves on creating lifetime relationships with their patients and was looking for a way to provide more value to these patients while also optimizing their website to speak to new potential patients and grow their practice.


Project Scope

Surf City Dental was in need of a new website redesign in order to put their best foot forward with new potential patients and keep existing patients engaged. Likewise, they were looking for a method to ensure they were able to easily make content updates themselves so they could keep their website timely and up-to-date post launch without having to contact a website programmer.

Our Solution

We first met with Surf City Dental to go over their goals and objectives along with their target and current patients. From this meeting, and our own research, we created online personas for their audience. These online personas allowed us to create a website architecture and navigation that was optimized for Surf City Dental’s unique users. Likewise, we created full color PSD mockups to demonstrate to the client both the overall aesthetics of their new website and the navigation and functionality inherent in it.

Once in programming, we utilized WordPress, CSS, and Javascript, along with other programming languages to develop a custom theme and front end effects such as animations and hover effects. We also customized our drag-and-drop page builder so Surf City Dental could simply drag-and-drop existing rows, page templates, and modules to recreate existing layouts, or easily create their own. By setting up the backend of the website to be user friendly, and by customizing a frontend drag and drop builder, Surf City Dental will be able to easily make any content updates they chose as their practice continues to grow.

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