GRITS – Girls Rocking In The South Case Study

The Client

GRITS (Girls Rocking In The South) is a Wilmington NC based mentoring organization for teenage girls. The group offers young ladies ranging in age from 13 to 18 an opportunity to learn life skills through mentoring, community events, and monthly workshops. By creating a positive environment, young women develop their self-esteem, learn financial literacy, and work on their leadership skills. They can practice these skills and express themselves in a safe and supportive space. The mission of GRITS is that “every young lady, by giving their time, efforts, and dedication to the GRITS program, will reap many rewards, such as: leadership opportunities, lifelong relationships, networking opportunities, and most importantly, the bond of sisterhood!”

Project Scope

GRITS needed a website design as fresh and modern as their organization. An interactive and attractive website is crucial when trying to reach a teenaged audience. They were also looking for ways for users to find events, access their social media accounts, donate to their cause, and shop their merchandise. Lastly, they wanted to be able to update events and content on their own without needing to hire a website programmer.

Our Solution

We began with a meeting to hear from the key players at GRITS. We wanted to know exactly what their goals and needs were with this website. They were able to define their target audience with precision. Together, we came to the conclusion that their look needed a defined color palette and their logo needed updating.


Once we had their new look mocked-up, we turned the site over to our web developers. Using WordPress, CSS, and JavaScript, we added several customized features to solve the problems they outlined. We added a dedicated calendar where GRITS can post events using an easy, user-friendly backend application. To keep the site engaging, members of GRITS can now login to their personalized accounts. We seamlessly integrated their e-commerce store, donation service, social media accounts, and newsletter subscription service. On the front end, we added a drop-down menu and hover over effects for a more compelling design.

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