Clayton B Smith Dentistry Case Study

The Client

Clayton B Smith Dentistry has been an operating Wilmington NC dental practice since 1966 with the second generation of Smiths currently heading the practice. Through those 50 years, the practice has remained dedicated to improvement and advancement and it was in that spirit that they reached out to modernize their website and online interaction with both current and potential dental patients.

Project Scope

Clayton B Smith Dentistry was looking to not only redesign their existing website but also to expand their image portfolio and engage with users in a new way. They also wished to provide more services to their current patients while explaining more of their offerings to potential patients.

Our Solution

While we are familiar with the dental industry through previous and ongoing projects, we started with research as each individual dental practice is unique unto itself. Armed with this research, we put together a new site map to ensure that we had a user friendly navigation and framework that would allow the practice to display everything they wished to without overwhelming or confusing the user. We also created a website graphic design, starting with wireframes and evolving to full color mockups of the home page, parent pages, and child pages. During this time, we also went onsite at the practice to take new office, action, and staff photos. Finally, we provided a Google 360 tour to ease patient apprehension over visiting a new dentist and display their beautiful location on not only their website but also Google itself.

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