Making a Great Digital Marketing Plan: A Complete Guide

Digital marketing helps businesses capture leads and convert them into paying customers. 

The power of digital marketing is in finding customers without ever meeting them, without them ever taking a step into your physical store. 

The growth of digital marketing has led to more marketing strategies around capturing leads, communicating with your core audience, and figuring how your unique selling proposition that compared to your competitors. 

If you want to master your digital marketing plan, you need to know what strategies to employ and figure out what is going to get you the most leads and conversion for the lowest cost. 

Here’s a guide that can help you create the ultimate digital marketing plan. 

Figure Out Your Audience and Your Unique Selling Proposition 

When you have a product you want to market, you need the audience to market it to. You need people who are going to buy your product. 

Part of having a marketing plan is figuring out who your ideal audience is in terms of age, demographics, male or female, and location. You should also know their problems and see how you are helping them solve a problem. 

You should also consider where your audience hangs out. That means knowing what social media platforms they are on the most and what questions they are asking they need a solution for. 

After you figure out your audience, you need to figure out your unique selling proposition. That means figuring out how your business is different from your competitors. 

Spotify is different from Pandora. Hulu is different from Netflix. But they are also competitors. 

You need to figure out how your business is different from your competitors. 

Content Marketing

The next steps in your digital marketing plan are to drive in traffic to your website or your business site. You have the audience and the unique selling proposition, now you need to tell your core audience that you exist. 

You need to show them a path on how to find you. 

SEO content and social media marketing provide these opportunities for your core audience to find you. 

SEO content allows you to rank your website higher on search engines. There are different types of SEO and content that can help you drive in more traffic. 

You can have blog posts on your website that answers your customer’s questions about your business. These blog posts can have keywords that help rank your website higher. 

Another strategy is to create infographics or whitepaper that people find when they are searching on Google. It’s another way to rank your website higher. 

SEO content is perfect if you writing content and answering your customer’s questions in the form of a blog post. 

Social Media Marketing

Facebook and Instagram ads are a form of social media marketing. You can also do LinkedIn, Twitter, and Snapchat marketing, which are also part of social media marketing. 

Social media marketing allows you to post about your business and what you can offer for your customers. You are building a network with your followers and showing them your culture. 

You are also increasing brand awareness as well as generating leads with posts and advertisements. 

For instance, with Facebook ads, you can create different marketing campaigns that are designed to capture leads or create a sale off of Facebook. It’s another opportunity to expand your marketing campaign. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing should be a part of every marketing campaign because it allows you to communicate with your audience. 

You can send out email campaigns, broadcast emails, and promotional emails. It’s an opportunity to tell stories about your business and about the customers. 

Email marketing also gives you the opportunity to communicate weekly with your customers and to ask them questions. One of the benefits of email marketing is that you can track open rates and click-through rates. 

You can also create newsletters that offer informational material about your business. 

How Expensive Is Digital Marketing? 

Digital marketing can be as expensive as you want to make it. You can devote $1000s to social media marketing and email marketing campaigns. But you can also decide to have a small budget and test and see what works for your business. 

You will also need to pay for email marketing software that can cost anywhere from $30 to $75 a month. It depends on the size of your list and how often you communicate with that list. 

The Goal Is to Spread Awareness

With any successful marketing strategy, the goal is to spread awareness about your brand and how you can help your customers. 

That’s why any of the strategies already mentioned should initially be a way to connect the customer with your business. You should create free webinars and guides that warm up your audience. 

They can become familiar with your business and eventually trust your business. You want to avoid selling to them immediately. 

If you can spread awareness by having a social media marketing plan, communicating with email marketing, and writing blog posts, you’ll be on your way to creating a successful marketing strategy.

You’ll earn the trust of your audience. 

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Why You Need a Digital Marketing Plan

You need a digital marketing plan because it gives you the opportunity to communicate with your audience and show that you exist. You can show them that you know their problems and you have a solution 

You also need a digital marketing plan because it’s how you gain traffic, leads, and eventually conversions. You need a specific approach that strategic and likely to succeed around your market. 

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