Window Gang Case Study

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The Client

With locations throughout the southeast in 16 states ranging from Florida and Texas to Indiana and Virginia, Window Gang provides any exterior cleaning your home may need as well as chimney cleaning and select indoor cleaning services such as dryer vent and blind cleaning. As each individual location is its own franchise, the Window Gang website offered some unique challenges in the website design and development world as each one has individual needs but the website must present a cohesive message and vision without creating duplicate content.

Project Scope

We first met with Window Gang when they were looking for a website “revamp” to appear more modern and user friendly. This entailed adding new elements, removing a few, and making sure a few would continue to work in unison with the new. Finally, as an certain elements predated our involvement, some needed to be modified in order to continue to meet the needs of Window Gang which we were happy to assist with.

Our Solution

While we normally work in the WordPress platform, we were just as comfortable designing and developing this new website for them utilizing Drupal. We first ensured that we understood the direction in which Window Gang desired to grow and then developed a design that would allow them to get there. As they already had a pre-existing website, with some elements they wished to keep, we also worked to ensure that the new elements and old would work together as seamlessly as possible. By using creative techniques, a few tricks of the trade, and getting to know their business inside and out, we were able to create this Drupal website for Window Gang that we believe will continue to serve their needs for some time.

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