Why do I Need Strong Branding?

Communicate your corporate identity to consumers without saying a word.

Some of the most recognizable companies in the world can be identified simply by their logo. Everyone can instantly tell if a computer was created by Apple or Hewett-Packard (HP) simply by seeing the logo on the casing. However, this isn’t all that the logo tells us. Since both of these companies has a strong brand image, consumers are more likely to associate the Apple offering as being high-design, high-quality machine that will best assist them in graphic or other visual arts. The HP on the other hand would more easily be associated with an entry level machine or one that might be better for a more traditional corporate workplace or a student. Some of this knowledge is gained through the consumer’s own experience but a large part of it is how each company presents itself to the market place including everything from their pricing structures to promotions.

Brand image adds value to your offerings.

We all know the power of brand recognition. When in doubt, consumers tend to choose brands they recognize. Need to buy a new piece of technology, for instance a new television, but not an expert on all the specs and inner workings? You are most likely to go with a brand name like Samsung or Vizio. Even if you have done your research, when choosing between two similar offerings you are more likely to go for the one with the brand name. Why is this? Because the brand is adding value to their products. In fact, the value of a strong favorable brand image is so great that companies can cash in on it and charge more for their products simply because their brand is associated with it.

A strong favorable brand image adds value to your offerings.

Perhaps the only thing worse than no brand image is a poor brand image. Just as brands can cash in on their good image, they can take a hit, or have to discount, their offerings if they have a poor image. This can be seen in “store brand” items. In the case of grocery items, these are often made in the same plants, using the same, or similar, materials as name brand items. However, since they don’t carry the image of a national brand, they are sold at a discount. Even among the store brand offerings there is a hierarchy based on the overall brand image of the store. For instance, a Walmart offering may be discounted further than by another brand. This may have nothing to do with the product itself, but is instead an effect of Walmart’s brand image as a discount, and sometimes low quality, retailer. If you are selling a premium product, you don’t want this to happen to you!

Strong branding promotes interrelated products improving customer lifetime values.

Have a Samsung TV? You are more likely to buy a Samsung sound bar. If you have a strong brand image, and quality products, your customers are more likely to buy additional or supplemental products from you which in turn creates synergy among your product lines. By having a few industry leading products associated with your brand image, you are able to promote your less competitive offerings without having to spend additional marketing dollars or partake in “bundling” activities that consumers find so off-putting. In fact, it has been shown that companies that focus and promote customer lifetime value through initiatives such as offering interrelated products can be up to 60% more profitable, and none of that is possible without strong branding!

Customers have to be aware of which products or services are sponsored by your company.

Off-brand items are called that for a reason, they don’t have any recognizable brands. However, each of these items is produced and sold by a company whose branding is more than likely visible to the consumer. Even with this branding visible, since it isn’t recognizable, it just becomes more marketing noise for the consumer to tune out. Therefore, even if they like your product, a consumer won’t remember to come back to you, or know how to find you, because they won’t remember who you are. Only a strong and positive brand image ensures that customers will come back for more.

Have Intangibles? Strong branding is even more important for you!

There is a very good reason that companies like Google, Disney, and Marriott have very strong and cohesive branding. When you are selling an experience, service, or event, the value of your offering is directly created by the actions of your employees and any associated facilities. In order to provide guidance to employees, and cohesiveness to the look and services of your facilities, you will need a strong brand message and image. Likewise, with no physical differentials between your offerings and those of the next company, your brand image plays an even more crucial role in providing value.

So you know you need a cohesive brand image, what next?

In order to keep a strong brand presence, it must be consistent throughout all interactions with your consumers. As communication between brands and consumers is consistently growing online, one area you want to make sure that you have a unified strategy is your online brand presence. Social Media posts should stay within your brand culture with topics and tones should provide a brand specific message.

Your website should also be branded appropriately. While only a part of your overall website, studies have shown that a user’s eye spends a great deal of time on your logo when visiting your website so you will want to make sure that you have a strong logo before designing any branded website. Once you have this initial logo design completed, use it as a center point for all of your future website design so that your branding is consistent throughout the site; just like brand guidelines for printed materials. Like your Social Media posts, you will also want to be sure that all website content, including blog posts, stay within your brand message. As digital marketing specialists, we are here to help you ensure that your brand image is not only strong but also elicits the response you intended. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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