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Generate More Leads With Your Website in 3 Easy Steps

By DesignLoud / February 27, 2017

Your website is your best lead generation tool. It’s always available, chock full of information, and easily accessible. Your website has the potential to be your best salesperson.   So what are you doing wrong? You have a few visitors every day, but your bounce rate is high and they rarely leave their information on…

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facebook marketing strategy

Facebook Marketing Strategy: Organic vs. Paid

By DesignLoud / February 3, 2017

Your company needs a Facebook marketing strategy. Not just a business page. Not just a few good posts.   Are you wondering if Facebook Ads are worth the investment? Not sure if maintaining a Facebook business page is enough? The truth is that amazing things happen when you have an optimized business page complementing stunning…

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ssl certificate

Top 3 Reasons You Need An SSL Certificate

By DesignLoud / January 27, 2017

Before you read this article, take a look at the address bar on your web browser. Do you see a padlock or a green bar ahead of the URL? Does your URL read “http” or “https”?   Get into the habit of checking for a padlock, green bar, and “https” before you shop, log in,…

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semrush Search Engine Optimization

Review: 3 Pros and Cons of SEMrush

By DesignLoud / January 2, 2017

SEMrush is an all-in-one search engine optimization (SEO)/search engine marketing (SEM) suite geared toward digital marketers. SEMrush calls itself “more than a keyword tool” as it includes competitive business intelligence data, social media listening tools, position tracking, site auditing, and backlink auditing capabilities. Regardless, SEMrush’s keyword research tools are the shining star of the suite,…

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7 Ways to Use a CRM as a Digital Marketing Solution

By DesignLoud / December 14, 2016

A well-implemented CRM (customer relationship management) or Enterprise Solution application will keep your team focused and improve your bottom line. Like all departments, your marketing team needs to have clear goals. Stay on top of them with a CRM. Digital Marketing Management Today’s breadth of multi-channel communication avenues is a blessing and curse. On one…

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Google Retires Content Keywords in Search Console

By DesignLoud / December 3, 2016

Google has officially done away with Content Keywords as a feature in its Search Console. Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller, who made the announcement on Tuesday, November 29, 2016, suggested the move back in May. He cited webmasters’ confusion about the purpose and usefulness of Content Keywords. Content Keywords No Longer in Search Console…

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google adwords

5 Steps to Google AdWords Success

By DesignLoud / November 28, 2016

Google AdWords can be an extremely effective form of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, or a big waste of money and time with a low ROI. It all depends on how you use it. Creating a campaign and making it profitable are two very different challenges. This five step guide can help you create a high ranking…

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Tools For Speeding Up Custom Theme Development | WordPress.tv

By DesignLoud / November 16, 2016
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3 New Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for 2017

By DesignLoud / November 13, 2016

Have you optimized your LinkedIn profile for the coming year, or is it sitting idly like an old resume in your digital desk drawer? Too often, LinkedIn is treated like a static CV only to be referenced when job hunting. If you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or you’re thinking of a job change in the next…

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WordCamp Wilmington 2016: Plugging In

By DesignLoud / November 9, 2016

First Annual WordCamp Wilmington: A Smashing Success Last weekend, November 5-6, 2016, the first ever WordCamp Wilmington debuted at tekMountain, the top tech incubator in Wilmington, NC. The 2-day conference proved to be a smashing success. There was a large turnout of web developers, designers, bloggers, and social media marketers, with the top tech minds…

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Mobile SEO: Google to Divide Its Search Index

By DesignLoud / October 22, 2016

Google has announced that it will be splitting its massive search index into an index for mobile optimized web content and an index for desktop content. The split was announced at this year’s Pubcon, a digital marketing convention in Las Vegas which took place from October 10th through the 13th. Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst Gary…

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Advanced Custom Fields Pagination

Ajax pagination for posts linked via ACF Relationships

By DesignLoud / October 16, 2016

This tutorial will help you thread together a few techniques that have been discussed elsewhere but can be challenging to weave together: how to use Ajax in WordPress in general, how to set up pagination with ACF, and how to query ACF relationship fields. For this example, we’ll have two custom post types, bike and…

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Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs A CRM

By DesignLoud / October 8, 2016

Businesses of all sizes spend time and money on tedious tasks like accounting, tracking employee performance, managing leads and customers. If you aren’t using a CRM, it’s likely you’re switching from QuickBooks to your Google Calendar to your list of contacts, opening several tabs and programs, and wasting time. Wouldn’t it be nice to have…

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adobe xd web design

Adobe XD: Experience and Share Web Design

By DesignLoud / September 30, 2016

Adobe XD, abbreviated from experience design, is an up and coming user interface development and web design program. Sound like something InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop ought to handle? What makes Adobe XD different is the sheer ease and speed with which the user can go from idea to mock-up to interactive prototype. Unlike those behemoths…

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swell crm

5th Anniversary Event Wrap Up

By DesignLoud / September 19, 2016

The celebration of our 5th anniversary that took place on Friday, September 16th, 2016, was a phenomenal success. Thank you to everyone who came out to join us! We got to know a fantastic mix of business owners and tech minded entrepreneurs, and introduce them to our latest innovation. Swell, an all encompassing enterprise solution,…

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white hat seo

What is White Hat Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

By DesignLoud / September 7, 2016

What is “white hat” SEO and how can I do it for my website? To understand this you must first understand what the difference between white hat and black hat SEO techniques are. This post will give you a general idea about the difference between the two techniques and things you can do to implement…

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Anniversary Event and Product Announcement

By DesignLoud / August 25, 2016

2016 has certainly been a year of exciting changes and we are thrilled to be celebrating our 5th year as Wilmington’s most energetic homegrown web design and digital marketing agency. We strive to be as creative as we are innovative, qualities that have helped us actualize from an idea into a virtual reality over the past half-decade. We invite each…

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Setting Up Shop (E-Commerce) | WordPress.tv

By DesignLoud / August 17, 2016
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Setting up Google AMP with WordPress Tutorial

By DesignLoud / August 12, 2016

Recently we have been reading a lot about Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages project.  Luckily, if you have WordPress installed this it is relatively easy to install Google AMP on your website with just a couple of plugins.  This tutorial will show you how to setup Google AMP (by Automattic) and GLUE plugin by Yoast to…

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Creating Successful Website Content

By DesignLoud / August 1, 2016

So you know what you want to say and how you want to say it. But do you know how to optimize your content for the web and search engine optimization (SEO)? Here are the top 5 ways to make sure your content engages both users and search engines alike. 1. Have a strategy This…

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ExitEvent | 8 Companies Riding Wilmington’s Innovation Wave

By DesignLoud / July 25, 2016

A growing diversity of startups, investors and service providers in southeast North Carolina is making the region’s startup community more well-rounded and robust. Source: ExitEvent | 8 Companies Riding Wilmington’s Innovation Wave

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