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Our Process

Web Design & Branding Process

We get it, there are a number of different companies or freelancers you could choose from.  What makes our team unique is our 6-point process for developing a strategy to measure your success.  This process is broken down in to 6 different steps which are listed below.  We like to call it our “Web Design & Branding Process” but it really applies across the board to all of our services.

Why do I care about having a process?

That’s simple, you would not build a house without a blueprint. It is very easy to just dive in and start running your social media, find someone to do a cheap logo and put together a quick website. What you don’t know is as you continue to grow the more difficult it will be to create and implement a strategy. Everything you do with your business, both online and offline should have a purpose and plan. Our team will help you develop this plan so that we can start implementing it immediately. Need an example? Contact us or call us to bounce some ideas around and you will be impressed to see how many businesses are already doing this.