1. Finding Out If We're A Good Fit

We Get To Know You and Your Competitive Landscape

Our team meets with you to identify your company's goals, competitive landscape, and perform a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) of your business.  Together, we brainstorm different strategies with your team. We make a plan on around achieving your goals and exceeding your expectations as your agency.

Do you have analytics installed on your website?  We use this information to identify your current audience demographics and interest groups. We align this data with your goals and client personas.  Don't worry if you don't have analytics installed yet! We will help you get analytics on your website to ensure we have the full picture before presenting our solutions and proposal to you.

2. We Present Our Solutions and Proposal

We give you options based on meeting your goals and walk through our proposal together

Once a strategy is established, we conduct further internal research on the solutions we are able to provide to your business.  We sit down together to review our proposal with you and answer any further questions you may have.

Our proposal includes the data we've gathered from our research, our solutions to your problems, and various options to appeal to your budget. Our clients appreciate the fact that we do not take a hard sales approach. We allow the research and proposal to do the selling for us.  Your business is unique and our team brings value to your business based on your needs.  We want to be sure that there is an opportunity to work together and we are the right fit for each other.

3. You are a part of the strategy session

We meet with key players to have a more in-depth strategy session for how we will reach your goals

Once we decide to work together, we meet with your team again to iron out any final details regarding our strategy.  We share the "nuts and bolts" in detail. We share how we will accomplish your goals and sustain your growth as we begin our relationship together.

Together, we will discuss deliverables, timeline, and provide each other feedback regarding your overall digital campaign.

Still Not Sure?

Instead of committing to the whole project at first, why not purchase a block of time for a consultant to go over specific information with you on how you can reach your goals in the digital landscape?  It's less risky for you and will validate if we are the right team to reach your goals at a fraction of the cost.

4. You Approve The Designs

You want a website that fits your brand, we want you to love your website

Now that we know all about you, your business, and your goals, we start designing wireframes for layouts, call-to-action placements, and overall website architecture.  This is where your ideas start to take shape.  Once we have approval to move forward, we begin laying out the designs and color palettes to create an aesthetically pleasing design that will capture the attention of your ideal customers.

During the design phase we ask for any changes or feedback to the proofs that we present to you so that we can ensure we develop a website that represents your brand's personality and who you are trying to attract.  When you approve the designs, we are able to start programming your new website for various devices.

5. You Approve the Website

Your website has been tested and debugged, now we are ready to go live with your strategy

After our internal review, we are ready to present your website to you for review, revisions and feedback.  Our team has already gone through the testing and debugging steps to make sure your website functions properly and looks stunning on mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop.

With your approval to move forward, we set a launch date. Our team then goes through a rigorous checklist to prepare your website for launch.  We take into account everything, such as redirects, basic search engine optimization practices, analytics for reporting, webmaster tools, and much more.

6. We Monitor Your Website To Track Your Return On Investment

We track the performance of your website so you can see a positive return

You need the best tools to track your return. We already have them. Because we developed your website, we have already implemented these tools to ensure that we reach the goals we set in our strategy session.  We work one-on-one with you to achieve those goals. We make changes wherever necessary to ensure we are on a path toward exceeding those goals.

We don't just send you reports and hope you figure them out. We block off time each month to review these reports together, make suggestions, and get feedback about how successful your new website is.  We monitor and track any changes and improvements to your Search Engine Ranking Placement (SERP), conversions, and goal tracking from our reporting software.

7. Your Business Grows Exponentially

You can hardly keep up with the new business but we are already one step ahead, strategizing to maintain your growth

There is no doubt that our efforts together are paying off.  We don't just show you what we want you to see, we provide a 360 view of your business' digital footprint. We strategize on the next steps based on tomorrow's technology for sustaining the new growth in your business.

You need to focus on your operations. As your agency, you rely on us to tell you what is new and effective in the tech industry.  We always find new, innovative ways to increase your brandwidth to give you a competitive advantage in your market.