SEO Terminology Explained

SEO Terminology Explained

To the SEO newbies, the world of Search Engine Optimization can be quite overwhelming, with all the different types of terminology and technical jargon that’s used. While there is a lot of terminology that might need some explaining, here we will look at some of the most commonly-used terms and what they mean:

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Algorithm – A program that search engines use to determine which pages to suggest for a specific search query.

Affiliate – Affiliate sites market services/products that are sold by another business/website, in exchange for a commission or fee.

Blog – A web page that has numerous entries referred to as posts. A blog is updated regularly and the posts are generally displayed chronologically.

Back links – These are the links to a site or page from some other site or page.

Bounce rate – The total percentage of users that visit a site and leave without navigating to any other pages.

CMS – This is an acronym for Content Management System; it is used to create and modify digital content using an interface that can have more than one user.

CTA – This is an acronym for Call to Action; it’s a term used for any words encourage the audience to contact the company or get more information about products and services that the company is providing.

Direct traffic – Users that reach your website by clicking direct links.

Duplicate content – The same content appearing on more than one site.

Google Analytics– A tool provided by Google that helps webmasters analyze the traffic to a site and get more information about your audience. This gives you the opportunity to alter your content to suit your audiences.

HTML – Short for Hyper Text Markup Language- it is the language in which web pages are created.

Infographic – Graphics or images that hold information in a format that’s easy to read and understand.

Keywords – Keywords are the search terms that users type in the search field on search engines when they are looking for specific services or products.

Link building – The process by which backlinks to your website are acquired.

Landing page – The page that users lands on whenever they click on links in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Page)

Long-tail keywords – Keyword phrases that contain a minimum of three words; these are generally used while searching for specific information, services or products.


These are just some of the many different SEO-related terminology that you will hear being commonly used in the digital marketing world.

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