Ned Leary Case Study

The Client

Ned Leary is a freelance photographer and videographer from Wilmington, NC.  With a previous background in marketing, Ned already knew what he wanted in his new website and knew how important it was to capture the user’s attention, make it easy to order and to keep his users coming back to his website.  Ned’s work speaks for itself, but he needed a website that would present a “Wow” factor with his users and really draw in their attention.

Project Scope

With Ned’s background in marketing he knew not only how important it was to capture the users attention but the important for how to drive them back to his website to hire or buy more of his work.  Ned needed a platform that would allow him to continue to add and manage his images, orders and follow up sales.  His previous website made it easy for him as the website manager but it was not very user friendly, it was not responsive (mobile friendly) and most importantly there was no strategy implemented with his previous website.

Our Solution

Our solution was to develop a wireframe for how users will interact with his website and how we would lead the user in to a sale or requesting his freelance services.  Upon completing the website wireframes and strategy, our team began to design each of his main pages prior to programming.  After some revisions, our team began programming his mobile friendly ecommerce WordPress website. WordPress allowed Ned to easily manage more than just his photos and videos but also his content and website entirely.  Once we completed the website we knew we had to implement some marketing on site to help Ned keep driving return traffic to his site.  Our team configured his custom website to use a newsletter marketing system for when users contact or make a purchase and various options for users to share and save on purchases.

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