Morgan Scheibel Insurance Case Study

The Client

Morgan Scheibel Insurance is a full service Allstate Insurance agency located here in Wilmington NC. As an Allstate Agency that has been serving and protecting our local community for over 40 years now, the Morgan Scheibel Insurance agency serves New Hanover, Pender, Brunswick Counties and beyond (including both North and South Carolina). With over 65 years of insurance experience assisting clients with home, life, auto, business, renters, and other types of insurance, Morgan Scheibel Insurance was looking for assistance in creating a well rounded digital marketing strategy to share their message and experience with new potential clients.

Project Scope

Morgan Scheibel Insurance first approached us to explore their options in entering the digital marketing realm. They were interested both in creating brand awareness and in promoting specific brand messages based on peak seasons for various insurance services. Additionally, Morgan Scheibel Insurance was interested in a campaign that would grow, starting with one or two services and then adding as their campaigns picked up speed.

Our Solution

Based on our initial consultation with Morgan, we suggested beginning with both Social Media Marketing, specifically Facebook Advertising, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Within Facebook, we suggested running two campaigns to maximize results. Thus, we created two unique ads per month, one per advertised service,  each with their own customized landing page which spoke to their individual audience. We also utilized Facebook’s targeting options by focusing not only on individuals who were actively engaged in topics and activities related to these services, but also demographics and behaviors which would lend them to be likely to do so in the future or be receptive to Morgan Scheibel Insurance’s brand message. In order to ensure we kept a “bird’s eye view” of their campaigns, we created a social media calendar for the next 3 quarters to serve as our guide. However, we also wanted to allow for flexibility, so we continue to meet with Morgan on a monthly basis to review both the previous month and discuss the next month’s plan, just in case anything has changed. Finally, we also review monthly results and metrics to ensure that the campaigns are running to the client’s expecations.

For SEO, we created unique copy for each of Morgan Scheibel Insurance’s individual service pages; providing both more useful information to users and additional content for the search bots to scroll, increasing the website’s overall SEO score. We also concentrated on onpage SEO techniques such as keyword placement in headers and tags as well as offpage SEO techniques such as increasing backlinks. Finally, we improved user experience by redesigning pages such as the home page to ensure a clear path for users to  follow.

Once the results from our Social Media Marketing and SEO efforts began to roll in, Morgan Scheibel Insurance decided to add remarketing services to their digital marketing services. Remarketing is a great way to recapture those leads that may have failed to make a conversion during your first touchpoint. By adding remarketing, Morgan Scheibel Insurance was able to both send potential clients to their landing pages through Facebook and remind them of their services after their visit. We are sure that with a such a well rounded digital marketing strategy, they will continue to see their results grow.

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