Living Seaside Realty Case Study

The Client

Living Seaside Realty Group is one of Wilmington’s oldest and most established realty groups.  After recently going through a rebranding of their logo and identity they knew it was time to update their website as well in order to offer the most information to their potential clients in a user-friendly format.  Our team met with Living Seaside to review their previous websites analytics, identify their ideal “client persona”, and research various real estate websites to get an idea for direction with the new website.

Project Scope

Living Seaside knew that it was time for an updated look and feel for their website.  Our team identified weaknesses within their current website and strategized how to correct these issues with the new website.  We researched for a new MLS provider and consulted with them throughout the website redesign process.  At the beginning of the discovery phase we also identified various SEO (search engine optimization) aspects of the website that we wanted to implement in the new website.  Finally, the discovery phase revealed that the client needed to increase the usability of their website so we could decrease the user bounce rate and increase the amount of time that users engage with the website.

Our Solution

After much research, our team worked with the client to develop a strategy for their new responsive website.  We supplied designs that captured everything the client wanted with the new website which including: a user-friendly layout, pleasing aesthetics and easy navigation.  Our strategists also implemented various call to actions through each page to make it even easier for the user to get to various sections of the website without having to look too far.

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