Cape Fear Winery Case Study

The Client

While we value each client, there are some clients that are just over-the-top fun simply because of the nature of their business. Cape Fear Vineyard and Winery is one of those clients. Cape Fear Winery is offering something completely new to the area, a one stop shop for weddings and events including lodging, several dining options, animals, and, of course, an on-location winery and tasting room. Located in Elizabethtown, we know we will be some of the first people to check it out once it is fully open!

Project Scope

With so many exciting offerings, the biggest task facing DesignLoud was to effectively present each product or service without overwhelming the user. Likewise, since Cape Fear Winery understood the importance of a website in their marketing efforts early on in the business creation process, we needed to be sure to provide them with a website that would allow them to expand without having it appear empty or unfinished at launch. We also needed to capture both the excitement and naturalistic feel of Cape Fear Winery without letting one aspect overpower the other. Finally, Cape Fear Winery needed to be able to sell their wines and other products through their website in order to effectively use it as a sales tool.

Our Solution

Like all projects, we started off with in-depth meetings with Cape Fear Winery to be sure everyone involved understood, and was in agreement with, the project direction. Once we were confident we understood their business, products, and website goals, we started the creative process by using market research to create a site plan. A site plan is essentially a road map for a website which allows both programmers and the client to understand how potential users will navigate the website. From these, and based on the branding guidelines and input from Cape Fear Winery, we created full color webpage mockups of several key pages including the home page and sample shop page. We then programmed the website utilizing WordPress and Bootstrap for responsiveness. WooCommerce was utilized for e-Commerce functions to ensure the shop pages remained as simply to update as the main website pages as Cape Fear Winery continued to grow. We also took our user friendly structure a step further by providing the client with a drag and drop on-page editor to help facilitate quick content and image changes. Finally, like all of our clients, we provided Cape Fear Winery with a training video of their actual website so that they could see, in real time, how changes can be made.

We are confident with the expert design, user friendly interface, and indepth training provided, this website will serve Cape Fear Winery well as they continue to grow. We are certainly excited to see them do so!

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