Atlanta Falcons Case Study

atlanta falcons - graphic design

It has been and currently is a great opportunity to be working with the Atlanta Falcons.  When we were approached to do their VIP game invite design we were told that we were competing with a few other companies for the project.  Each company had to submit designs and print packages in order to be considered.  Our team came up with a new design concept with something the Atlanta Falcons have never tried before.  We came up with a pop up card concept for the invitation so when it was opened the slogan “RISE UP” would literally rise up out of the card.  The Professional NFL Team is set for their grand opening of their new stadium so we thought it would be a great opportunity to incorporate that within the design.  We followed their corporate branding guide to come up with this simple yet elegant, “less is more” design.  Everyone was extremely satisfied on the final product and we are currently talking about future projects with the company.

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