The Importance of CSS

Cascading Style Sheets, more commonly known as CSS, is an essential part of your website’s foundation. Your website may be created on one computer, but look completely different on another. This includes looking at your site on a Mac or PC, a 2013 computer or a 2010 version, using Internet Explorer version 6 or version 9, going from Internet Explorer to Chrome or Firefox, etc. You know how you want your website to look, so you don’t want to chance someone seeing it any other way.

This not only affects just the font or colors, but the layout, too. Using CSS ensures:

  • Large letters don’t come off as oversized;
  • Small letters aren’t unreadable;
  • All text and elements are uniform and consistent on every webpage;
  • Rows and columns are the same width and height;
  • Spacing between text and images are uniform;
  • And border colors/thickness is the same.

If CSS isn’t used, and used properly, some of the boxes or content can overlap and your site becomes more of a hassle to navigate, throwing off potential customers before they even read the first sentence.

CSS styles can become extremely involved and time consuming because of the details going into creating the correct settings. Like HTML, it’s a learned skill that takes patience and understanding to have it done accurately, and you want to make sure the person you hand your site over to has the capabilities to pull it off.

The problem arises when you have your website created by one person, but then hand over the finished product to someone completely new to complete CSS styling. Most website designers aren’t familiar with CSS styles or don’t have the programming experience or expertise required. It’s an extra budget, another person to explain your vision to, and another hassle.

It’s best to have as few hands in your website as possible to make sure extra time isn’t needed to correct any misunderstandings. With just one person handling everything, you’re much more likely to be happy with the finished product. Though most places require you to find another company for CSS styling, DesignLoud LLC has you covered for all of your bases. Not only can DesignLoud create the website you want, they’ll fix the CSS styles for you, too, saving you time, hassle, and money all in one.

Contact DesignLoud LLC today for more information on CSS styles for your personalized website!

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