Will Social AI Replace B2B Marketers?

Social Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the hot new social media management (SMM) tool on the horizon. While other social media management tools like Hootsuite continue to acquire more advanced tools like AdEspresso and Naritiv for content scheduling, automation, competitor feeds, and data insights, they will not be able to keep up unless they begin to employ AI algorithms.

The SMM Struggle is Real

Have you ever posted Facebook content you thought was great that received little or no engagement? Or thrown up a vaguely interesting Instagram photo that got so many reactions, your phone was blowing up? How can you be sure what your customers want to view? The wealth of historical data from your company combined with competitor data is a lot to analyze! And up until now, it’s been a lot of guess and check.

In fact, 46% of B2B marketers are not sure whether any social channels have generated revenue for their business.

What Is Social AI?

Social AI is the ability of computers to understand, analyze, and even communicate on a human level. However, it works faster than any human can. Artificial intelligence is quickly advancing. Content can be quickly categorized and analyzed to determine what’s trending on the web, behavioral trends of customers, and how to personalize content for your users.

Who’s Using Social AI?

Facebook is probably the biggest player in the social AI game to date. Its algorithms analyze where users have stopped and looked at their screens for a significant amount of time, links they’ve clicked, and videos they’ve watched. That’s how Facebook determines what to show users in their News Feed, keeping information relevant and timely.

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Chatbots are also part of the social AI scene, already being used by big players like Google and IBM. Chatbots are like an automated and personalized FAQ. They can be used to answer common questions your customers ask in real time. They also analyze content to provide more resources and sign users up for specific email lists based on their interests.


So why can’t B2B marketers have those kinds of insights, too? With social AI, they can!

Potential of Social AI for B2B Marketers

With social AI doing all the hard work and mundane tasks, marketers can spend more time creating helpful content and connecting with customers.


Marketers can now have even deeper insights into when customers tend to be on social media the most, when and how they post, what their target audiences’ interests are, what kind of media they prefer. This helps marketers nurture leads with personalized content which is shown to produce 20% more sales opportunities.

Controversy in Social AI

Should B2B marketers be concerned about losing their jobs to bots? The increase in people using social media (expected to increase from 2.1 million users to 2.5 million by 2018) combined with the massive amount of data to analyze should be plenty of information to keep marketers from feeling threatened.

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Much like with Facebook’s News Feed, social AI could increasingly keep visitors in a bubble of familiar content. Social AI can tell us about what’s going on in our bubble, but it’ll be up to marketers to be creative enough to extend their reach to acquire new leads, convince new leads to switch from competitors, and stay fresh and relevant instead of regurgitating the same old content.

A Human Touch

Lastly, there’s only so much a chatbot can do. How many times have you called a healthcare company and found yourself pounding 0 and yelling, “Representative! Representative! HUMAN!” into the phone? Humans will always desire to talk to other humans to resolve their most emotional and complex problems. And this is going to need to be done in real time. Customers have come to expect messages to be replied to almost instantly. Customer service as a part of digital marketing will always keep marketers busy.

Options in Social AI

Looking to invest in a social AI application? We recommend checking out Post Intelligence or Oktopost. Need help? Ask us about social media management for you business!


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