WordPress Web Design

Our WordPress web design team doesn’t just know WordPress, they love it! DesignLoud has been developing custom themes and plugins for our clients and other website design companies for half a decade. WordPress is one of the most commonly used Content Management System (CMS) to date. WordPress was originally developed to be a blogging platform but since it’s inception has grown to be so much more than that and now is the framework behind most Fortune 500 websites like Pepsi, General Electric and UPS to name a few. We have worked with clients from small businesses to big corporate clients to design and develop their WordPress website  and custom plugins so they can easily control their own website.

With a WordPress website you can easily manage your pages, images and website design options all in one place.

wordpress web designCustom WordPress Web Design vs. WordPress Templates

While on occasion we may be asked to setup and brand a template for a client this is not the norm.  Our clients see the value in a custom WordPress website.  Templates tend to be commercially produced to sell to a wide target audience.  Generally this is not done with the users best interest in mind.  This will result in excessive stylesheets and scripts being loaded alongside “bells and whistles” you will never use.  Our WordPress web design projects are developed from scratch so that they are lean, efficient and effective for both search engines and users.


WordPress Web Design & Theme Development

Many will claim to be WordPress developers because they can buy and setup a template online.  Our team actually knows WordPress.  Aside from our founder Derek Schmidt hosting a monthly meetup for other WordPress enthusiasts, over 90% of our web portfolio consist of WordPress web design and custom themes.  All of our WordPress websites are developed with our client in mind.  This way their administrator interface offers all of the tools to automate their business without clutter right from their dashboard.  Since the theme and website options will be in an easy to manage format, the website owner will be able to easily make edits while keeping their content fresh.