Photography & Videography


A website is only as good as its parts and photography is a very large part of any website. We have all seen the horrible outcomes that can come from using poorly chosen stock photography or low quality images. You can have a completely state of the art website but if the pictures are blurry, or the images displayed dated in some way, it gives the impression that your website as a whole is dated or poor quality. Since your website is a direct reflection of your brand image – this is the last thing you want! We work with the top photographers in the area to ensure that you receive high quality images that can be used on your website and beyond. Our photographers can create “headshot” and corporate photos, drone photography, location photography, event photography, product photography, or anything else you may need! Since you will own the rights to these photos, you will also be able to use them beyond your website without having to worry about additional licensing fees – something that stock photography will never be able to offer.



With bandwidth expanding and costs dropping, websites are able to provide users with more and more dynamic content. This can be seen in websites using full page video in order to engage users at first glance. A good product or service is just as important as its story. A story behind your brand connects people to your company’s personality, culture and values. A video is a great way to show your story, while creating a familiar and interactive experience on your website.

Videography isn’t limited to just giving users a “brand snapshot” on your home page though. If you have an eCommerce website, think of all the possibilities that could arise from having 360 videos of your products! While this is currently being used by several companies to model clothing in a more realistic way, videography could certainly have advantages for any three dimensional product. Likewise, if your company offers a service, or is location based such as a wedding venue  – what better way to display it than through videography?

Video is one is also one of the most popular tools in SEO and content marketing. Google is proactively indexing videos and including video thumbnails in search results. Make your company’s search results stand out with custom videos on your website and YouTube channel using our video production services.  

We provide the tools to communicate your company’s message, engage and educate customers, and drive sales on your website. Our video products include company profiles, customer testimonials, scripted ads, and news releases. All our videos are produced in 1080p HD and delivered in mobile and web-ready formats. Whether you are looking for a corporate videography, drone videography, or event videography, DesignLoud is the company for you!