Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing or commonly referred to as “SEM” is an excellent way to drive traffic, leads, sales and conversions to your website in a short period of time. Search Engine Marketing includes pay per click advertising through the major search engines and advertising networks, as well as remarketing advertising. Unlike Search Engine Optimization  or “SEO” where you are working with a consultant to increase your organic listing, pay per click advertising allows you to advertise on the first page of search results for a set bid.

Pay Per Click (PPC) – Search Engine Marketing

PPC - Search Engine MarketingPay Per Click is where you set a monthly budget and then you choose your target locations and demographics. Our Search Engine Marketing team will find out what the bid rates are for your keywords and provide you with a report before we even get started.  With this PPC report you will see how much it is to be on the first page for each keyword, how much the market share value is, and estimated traffic search. Our team then adjusts and makes the appropriate edits to keep your ads competitive and on the top of the search results. We will provide reports at the end of each month which detail how many clicks, conversions, and impressions were made for each keyword and ad that we’re running in the campaign.

Remarketing Advertising – Search Engine Marketing

Remarketing advertising is another part of Search Engine Marketing.  Remarketing advertising is when a user visits your website, a cookie is placed in their browser that follows them throughout the web and displays your advertisement. This is a great way to keep traffic returning to your website and recapture your customers attention. Remarketing is very similar to pay per click where you set a monthly budget, a bid for each keyword, and ad’s pertaining to each ad group.

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