Affordable, High-Quality SEO Services Backed By A Proven PRocess.

Your website should be your top-performing salesperson.  We're here to help you drive qualified traffic so that it starts working for you and leads call you.

Here's what you can expect when working with us:

  • A proven SEO process that has been refined over our 10+ years in business and guarantees you results.
  • Our team helps identify what keywords your customers are searching for so we can capitalize on every opportunity.
  • We are big on communication so you always know exactly what we're working on and what return it has generated for your business.

Here's How it Works

Onboarding & Research

It all starts with completing our onboarding form so we can better understand your business and your goals. Then we're able to research your digital footprint, your target audience, and your competitors to identify opportunities.

Strategy, Plan & Metrics

We develop a very detailed SEO strategy and deliverables that are specific to your business. Together we put a plan in place which helps you understand very clearly what we're doing, what results we expect and how we plan to measure it.

Build, Measure, Learn & Repeat.

Now it's time to execute our strategy.  Through our research, we know exactly what to rank for and how we plan on getting there. We track everything from keywords, to what your traffic does on your website and how they got there.

SEO Plans & Pricing

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DesignLoud, Inc
Based on 41 reviews
DesignLoud, Inc
Based on 28 reviews
Based on 13 reviews
Derek is awesome! He helped me get Google Analytics and Console set up and helped tremendously in understanding how it works. I 100% recommend DesignLoud, Inc if you ever need help on the backend of your website.
Jennifer Brown
Jennifer Brown
So much information! Definitely worthwhile
J Keith Walters
J Keith Walters
Kathleen Person-Sullivan
Kathleen Person-Sullivan
Derek, Kate, Hannah, and Danielle are the best team for web design and marketing ever! I cannot express how much I appreciate their support in kicking off and maintaining my website! I adore them!
Mary Canel
Mary Canel
The management and staff at DesignLoud are great to work with--knowledgeable, responsive, and very skilled in what they do. I highly recommend DesignLoud.
Dave P
Dave P
Derek Schmidt and his talented Design Loud team worked with me, a small business owner overwhelmed by social media, to develop an appealing, efficient, responsive website. They are innovative and consistently go ‘above and beyond’ to provide excellent service. Thank you Derek, Hannah, and Danielle!!!
Mary Canel
Mary Canel
Derick and the Design Loud team is setting the bar much higher in marketing strategies. Great work.
Graham's Tree Service
Graham's Tree Service
Provides highly effective, customized advertising strategies by getting to know your business and objectives. Can design a program for any size company. Valuable feedback to maximize performance.
Kenny Matheny
Kenny Matheny
We love our new website and it is getting attention. It is professionally done and for us cutting edge, the addition of Google ads, a welcomed plus. Kate and Hanna are a delight to work with.
pat bradford
pat bradford
Derek and his associates really know their stuff. You will not find a better provider of internet marketing services.
Rob Hochuli
Rob Hochuli
Duke Sochalski
Duke Sochalski
Oh my goodness. These guys are more than experts in their field. They are the field. They are led by a team of educated professionals who are in the business to look out for your best interest.Not only do they provide you with plenty of education to make a right decision, they have unbeatable prices and great personalities.We are a production company that utilizes their education to advance in our own business.How? Because their team just offers free education to any and everybody on how to advanced and social media and on your website and marketing.We love working together with these guys!
Cody Milewski
Cody Milewski
The DesignLoud team truly does treat you like you’re their number one client. And they mean it. Knowledgable, professional, honest and fun to work with. Cannot say enough good things about Derek, Kate and the DesignLoud team. HIGHLY recommend.
Thomas Plummer
Thomas Plummer
Such an amazing company. The staff at DesignLoud is so professional and on point it’s incredible.
Shawn Blair
Shawn Blair
I have had a website for years but it wasn’t until DesignLoud recreated it that it became the perfect tool it was meant to be. Since then I have gotten more inquiries than I ever have. The company is run by excellent people that actually listen to your needs and respond fast. The customer service is outstanding. The knowledge base runs deep and the greatest part is that they never seem to stop learning. Every time I turn around they are adding more to their repertoire. I highly recommend DesignLoud for ALL your website needs and then some!
Sharrie Hanley
Sharrie Hanley
DesignLoud is a very professional and skilled company. If you have any questions on how to market and promote your business. Look no further. I highly recommend!
Tracie W
Tracie W
This team is top notch! Responsive, forward thinking, and creative!
Christopher Mallery
Christopher Mallery
As a new client of DesignLoud I could not be more excited to begin our partnership! Speaking with Derek left me feeling so informed and impressed with the data and recommendations that he presented after doing a review of our company website and social media sights!If you have been considering revamping or building a new website I would highly recommend DesignLoud!
Jessica Few
Jessica Few
I have used Derek and the team at Design Loud for multiple website design and SEO projects. They have never let me down!
Kevin Picklesimer
Kevin Picklesimer
They do a great job and focus on transparency, which is typically missing from this market! I would recommend Derek and his team to anyone wanting to take their business up a notch!
Devin Skipper
Devin Skipper
literally cannot say enough good things about the entire DesignLoud team. We have used multiple other companies in the past, and really did not get the results we wanted. Within weeks, we saw a huge jump in our calls and business. Derek and his team are amazing to work with. Their communication is excellent, they are very professional, and truly a pleasure to work with. I literally cannot recommend them enough!!!!!
Gabe Frank
Gabe Frank
Ed H
Ed H
I've worked with Derek and DesignLoud for some time now and they do outstanding work!
Ricky Howard
Ricky Howard
DesignLoud is an innovative, cutting edge digital marketing firm, capable of transforming any sized business from having a weak presence online to being a powerhouse in the digital space.
Kate Brandis
Kate Brandis
This may not happen for every client, but the team at Design Loud got us on the first page fit Google search results for our IT business in less than 2 months. That’s practically a Christmas Miracle in this town. Derek and his team are also transparent, competent and easy to work with. Highly recommended!
Derek and his team have been hosting my site for months now and have helped me grow my online business. He has also answered so many social media questions and given me so many tips. I am so glad I have chosen DesignLoud! Thank you!
Derek and his team redesigned my website and have been handling some social media advertising. I highly recommend DesignLoud for all your website and social media needs. He is fast and professional. Excellent service. Thank you!
Great company with the strong team who takes care of their customers.
Employees are always happy to assist and answer any questions. They are transparent and pleasant to work with.
Ian Balding
Ian Balding
I have had Derek work on a couple of websites for me and he has always made the process simple and the outcome has always been exceeding my expectations! I would and do recommend Designloud to friends.
I've known Derek now for a few years and just finished up on my second website Cape Fear Jobs, the first and only dedicated jobs website for the Cape Fear area. Cape Fear Jobs was a project that I personally worked on for just about 2 years and I basically just told Derek what I wanted and how I wanted it laid out. Sent hundreds of documents for content and it was like he was inside of my head, because what the finished product looked like was exactly what I envisioned. He has put a team together that is not only exceptional in talent but well rounded and highly personable with top notch customer service skills. DesignLoud is a business that I would recommend for anyone wanting a quality website and a quality experience. Websites is not all they do, but what my experience is with them, I'd trust them with any project. And my logo looks awesome too!

Anyone please feel free to call or write me and I'd be happy to share my experience with Derek and his team at DesignLoud.

Corey Lewis
Founder & President
Cape Fear Jobs
I would highly recommend DesignLoud for any services they offer! I have used them for several years and have had EXCELLENT results, without paying a fortune! If I had a question about a product, I got an answer promptly. If I had a site question or wanted to change it up over time, we did it promptly, and did so with hardly any cost! Since doing business with Derek and DesignLoud, MY business has increased immeasurably! Thank you Derek for keeping my business looking good!

Sheila L. Youngblood
Think Safety, LLC
This group is fantastic! We couldn't be any happier with our logo. Thanks so much to the entire Design Loud team!
The high amount of clients shows, in the short time of the time you been opened shows how much of a profectionest you and your staff is. Congratulations to your work of exalenece of your high quality of service! Keep up your great standards!

Al Harbison
Screachen Music
Top Notch. From design to development to building an App for all platforms, these guys can do it all quickly and very reasonably. We have used MANY other developers in the past. None compare to DesignLoud. They really care about how your website does because they take it personally. Thanks a million! We wouldn't exist without you!
WrightsvilleBeach Loop
WrightsvilleBeach Loop
I can't really say enough about Derek and his team. My experience with DesignLoud was so starkly different from my experience with any other web designers or graphic artists that I have ever dealt with. They gave me exactly what I asked for and needed, and never tried to "upsell" me on things that I didn't. They cleaned up a HUGE mess that a former designer had left. They are very professional and knowledgeable but never speak over your head. The work is of the highest quality. But I guess I was most impressed with the reasonable price and the speed of the work. I have even had Derek make changes within hours. I realize this may not be possible all the time, but I know he cares about my business and about his work. I think Design Loud is just wonderful, and I am so thankful I found them.
Beverly Ward
Beverly Ward
Derek and his staff have helped my business tremendously! I was clueless with how to advertise online and how to financially benefit from our website. He has, very patiently, walked us through the process. Most importantly, he makes himself available to me and my staff. Many times I need last minute adjustments to our website and he immediately responds and takes care of our needs.
Rebecca McAbee
Rebecca McAbee

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is SEO a good investment?

First, let's look at the alternative.  Traditionally digital marketing requires you to spend money in order to make money. 

For example, you're running ads online or have a billboard advertisement.  The problem is that when you stop paying for this, your sales pipeline will dry up. 

Alternatively, with SEO, when you rank on the first page of Google and other search engines, you're generally there to stay. 

That means you don't have to continue funding this advertising engine in order to get consistent, qualified leads. 

With SEO the leads never end.

What is the process like and what can I expect?

Our typical SEO process looks like this:

MONTH 1: Onboarding, Site Review, Strategy Development 

Month 1 Task List:

  • Baseline SEO Audit and Report – Thoroughly audit and document existing rankings, link profile, internet presence, and social media. This baseline report will be updated and sent to you on a monthly basis. The report will include:
    • Keyword Rankings 
    • Popular Pages
    • Visibility Compared to Competitors
    • Organic Search Analytic Overview
    • Backlink Profile
  • Website Audit – Conduct a thorough review of your website to determine your current site's strengths and weaknesses and identify potential challenges.
  • Client Onboarding Meeting/Call – During our kick-off meeting/questionnaire, we will:
    • Learn about your company, competitors, customers, and target demographic
    • Review the Baseline SEO Report and Website Audit
    • Discuss historical and present website SEO efforts
    • Identify key metrics of success (traffic, conversions, etc.)
    • Set goals (traffic, primary conversions, secondary conversions)
  • Information Exchange – Client to provide website access (i.e. FTP, WordPress login) and access to any existing web tool accounts (i.e. Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools)
  • Keyword Research, Analysis, and Selection – Research keywords and related phrases to identify primary and secondary keywords.
  • Develop Onsite SEO Strategy – Review Website Audit and create a comprehensive strategy to improve the site's overall onsite SEO.
  • Develop Landing Page Optimization Strategy – Analyze existing keyword target pages and create an optimization strategy that focuses on these pages.
  • Develop Content Strategy – Create content strategy including release frequency, topics, resources, and writers.
  • Develop Website Authority & Link Building Strategy – Evaluate current backlink profile and authority metrics to develop off-site SEO strategy including:
    • Citation Cleanup (Directories, Company Listings, Etc.)
    • Backlink Analysis and Cleanup
    • Link Building Strategy and Budget
  • Create SEO Strategy Brief – Summarize all strategies into a single SEO Strategy Brief that will be updated and sent to you on a monthly basis.
    • Target Keywords and Landing Pages
    • Onsite SEO Strategy
    • Landing Page Optimization Strategy
    • Content Strategy/Schedule
    • Website Authority and Link Building Strategy

MONTH 2: Onsite Optimization

Once we have planned your overall SEO strategy, the next step is to optimize your website. During this stage, we will make sure your website and all landing pages are properly optimized for search engines. In addition, we will ensure there is a relevant and properly optimized landing page on your website for each targeted keyword phrase outlined in the strategy brief.

Month 2 Task List: 

  • Monthly SEO Audit and Key Metrics Report – Audit existing metrics and prepare monthly report.
  • Implement Overall Onsite SEO Strategy – Implement overall onsite SEO strategy as outlined in the SEO Strategy Brief.
  • Implement Landing Page Optimization Strategy – Create and/or optimize landing pages to focus on target keyword phrases.
  • Prepare to Implement Content Strategy – Onboard writers and submit topics for professionally written, keyword targeted blog/site content.
  • Implement Website Authority & Link Building Strategy – Create foundation links using techniques outlined in the Website Authority & Link Building Strategy, and make any necessary onsite changes to support offsite optimization and link building.
  • Review Social Media Strategy (If applicable) – Review Social Media Strategy and make any necessary onsite changes to support these efforts such as default page titles, descriptions, and graphics.
  • Update SEO Strategy Brief – Create checklist of completed items, update SEO Strategy Brief, and send to client.

MONTH 3: Off-Site Optimization

Once your site is optimized, it is time to re-review your internet presence and start getting the updated page information out to the search engines.

Month 3 Task List: 

  • Monthly SEO Audit and Key Metrics Report – Audit existing metrics and prepare monthly report.
  • Review Onsite SEO – Review onsite SEO and make necessary adjustments.
  • Review Landing Page Optimization Strategy – Review landing page optimization and make necessary adjustments.
  • Implement Content Strategy – Begin adding fresh content, according to the schedule defined in the Content Strategy.
  • Continue Executing Website Authority & Link Building Strategy – Continue building links and search engine authority, using the methods outlined in the Website Authority & Link Building Strategy.
  • Update SEO Strategy Brief – Update SEO Strategy Brief, and send to client.

ONGOING: Monthly SEO Maintenance and Updates

The first three months laid a solid foundation on which to build your website's authority with the search engines. 

To keep the momentum going, it is essential to continue posting and promoting fresh content on a regular basis and monitor and fine-tune your SEO strategy each month.

Ongoing Monthly Task List: 

  • Monthly SEO Audit and Key Metrics Report – Audit existing metrics and prepare monthly report.
  • Monitor and Fine-Tune Onsite SEO – Review onsite SEO and make necessary adjustments.
  • Continue Executing Landing Page Optimization Strategy – Review landing page optimization and make necessary adjustments.
  • Continue Executing Content Strategy – Add fresh content, according to the schedule defined in the Content Strategy.
  • Continue Executing Website Authority & Link Building Strategy – Continue building links and search engine authority, using the methods outlined in the Website Authority & Link Building Strategy.
  • Continue Executing Social Media Strategy (If applicable) – Implement the Social Media Strategy as outlined in the SEO Strategy Brief.

Update SEO Strategy Brief – Create checklist of completed items, update SEO Strategy Brief, and send to client.

What is the difference between SEO and Google or Facebook Ads

Google Ads or Social Media Ads are great for bringing leads to your doorstep immediately.  These are people who are actively searching for a solution to their problem.

SEO is about sustainability, it's more of a marathon than it is a sprint.  Proper SEO takes time but once you reach the first page for your desired search terms, you're likely not going anywhere anytime soon.

In fact, most of our clients utilize SEO and Google or Social Media Ads at the same time.  That way they start generating leads immediately while their SEO is climbing and it's easier for the return on investment from Paid Advertising to pay for SEO services.

Using this approach, you now potentially take up real estate on the first page in 2 - 3 positions (your ads, your local listing and your organic SEO listing).

How long does it take to see results from SEO?

There is no easy answer to this question.  It all depends on your company, how competitive the landscape is and how competitive the keywords are.  We generate what's known as "long-tail keywords" for easy wins while your more competitive keywords climb in the ranks.

Generally, you can see results in as little as 1 month.  In most cases, it may be 3 - 6 months before you reach the top of the first page for more competitive keywords.

Why should I hire an agency for this instead of a freelancer?

While working with our agency you can expect that we have the systems and processes down to provide you with an exceptional experience while working with us.

You don't have to worry about us taking vacations, not answer phone calls or emails or all of a sudden disappearing on you.

While working with Freelancers is certainly not a bad thing, these are risks you essentially carry if you don't work with an agency.

We're also able to provide support on many different areas of your digital marketing because we have experts in their fields and 10+ years of experience.

What does "NAP" stand for?

This stands for "Name, Address, Phone number" and is important because you want all of your directory listings to be consistent with the same NAP to not confuse Google or your customers.

What are "Citations"?

"Citations" is another word for Directories.  The more citations your business has the more legitimate you look to Google and your customers.  Most of the directories also provide you with a backlink back to your website.

What is On-site SEO?

On-site SEO includes but is not limited to:

  • Meta Descriptions
  • Site Depth
  • Meta Titles
  • Rate of Audience Engagement
  • Content Quality
  • Redirects
  • Content Length
  • Duplicate Content
  • Content Freshness
  • Social Tags
  • URL Structures
  • Broken Links
  • Internal Links
  • Outbound Links
  • Keyword Usage
  • Image Title Tags
  • Site Depth
What is Off-site SEO?

Off-site SEO includes but is not limited to:

  • Keyword & competitive analysis
  • Backlinks
  • Link building & outreach
  • Tracking and reporting
  • Social media
  • Article submission
  • Directory listings
What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO usually includes but is not limited to:

  • Site Speed
  • Mobile Friendliness
  • Crawlability
  • Meta Security
  • Secure Forms and Data Entry
  • User Experience

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