Why a Mobile App Increases Your Business

First off – why do I need a mobile app?

We all know that with today’s marketing techniques, a website is a necessity. But what about a mobile app? Often viewed as an “add on” service, a user friendly mobile app is quickly becoming a staple in any well-rounded marketing plan.

On top of being fun and easy to use, mobile apps now account for 86% of device time when consumers are utilizing mobile devices. As mobile data and Wi-Fi services become more widespread, so does the use of mobile devices, so if you using a traditional mobile website, you may only be reaching 14% of this fast growing market.

One of the main reasons why mobile apps are quickly becoming the standard for consumers to access online content is that mobile apps are faster, easier, and more focused. To get to a standard website, a user needs to open a third party web browser and either search for your website or type in its web address. While this may not seem like a large amount of work, when compared to simply opening your app on their home screen, these steps do seem an unnecessary hindrance. Once a consumer reaches your website from a mobile device,rather than a user friendly experience, they encounter  the “clutter” of the browser itself. As shown below, when optimized through a mobile app, more information is easily accessible to users.

mobile app benefits

In addition to being easier to reach existing customers and increasing ease of communication, using a mobile app also adds a new distribution channel by which you can reach new potential customers. Mobile apps are available through several different online marketplaces such as Google Play and Apple’s App Store; both of which allow customers to search for basic functionalities as well as for apps directly. This means that if someone is looking for something that your company offers, but doesn’t know who you are, this is another way to promote educational marketing.

Finally, mobile apps can do things websites can’t; such as utilizing push notifications. A push notification sends a specific message or notification directly to a user’s device. You may be familiar with push notifications from Facebook which sends such alerts when someone comments on your post, sends you a friend request, or likes your activity or from news mobile apps that send push notifications for breaking news and weather. As push notifications can be customized to the user; it also allows you to only contact consumers in ways that they want to be notified instead of inundating them with information that may or may not be relevant to them while ensuring that the marketing message gets to them without having them reach out to you first.


So I know I need a mobile app– now what?

Since mobile apps make our lives so much easier, it often shocks people to learn that apps are extremely complex and time intensive to create and; therefore, can often be cost prohibitive. However, like the world of digital marketing itself, this is quickly changing. We are now able to “sync” your current WordPress website with a mobile app, allowing you to have all of the benefits of a mobile app without the inherent duplication of effort and increased cost. For a low monthly fee, we match all website updates with your mobile app (available in both Apple’s App Store and Google Play) and ensure that you are reaching your customers in the mediums that they are most actively using. This is drastically different from the traditional, programming heavy, world of mobile app creation that can require an upfront cost in the thousands of dollars. If you would like a free personalized estimate for a low cost mobile app that will boost your marketing efforts and increase business – simply contact us today and we will be in touch shortly!

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