How to optimize your website for conversions

One of the most important part of marketing metrics are CONVERSIONS.

Conversions are the reason you advertise, right amazing headlines, run social campaigns…..

  • Are you focused on driving traffic to your site?
  • People can visit your site but are they becoming customers?
  • Are they making purchases?
  • Do they sign up for your newsletter?

Keyword ranking is still important but it should not be your only focus.

So what! If you’re getting a lot of traffic to your site. If that’s is what you are focused on, you are missing out on the end goal…….conversions. You should be turning your users into paid customers and growing your business.

Competition is enormous and you must plan and define what conversions mean to your business. One of the best ways is to focus on one metric at a time.  It can become too chaotic if you have many different things going on.

Questions you should be thinking about when you are looking at data

  • Where is your traffic is coming from?
  • What do they do once they arrive on your site?
  • Are they coming back, how often?
  • Can you identify what is working and what is not?

Conversion Rate Optimization requires a lot of knowledge and creativity. You shouldn’t be taking a wild guess’s on your strategies. Take a look at this info-graphic below, that explains the comparison of acquisition and customer optimization, along with successful tactics.

DesignLoud uses science based data with special SEO tools to create the right strategies to get you the customers your business needs. Contact us today for a quote or consultation.


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