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As digital marketing becomes more and more interactive it is becoming increasingly important to engage with your customers in different ways. One way to both visually attract an engage customers is a Google 360 tour. Not only are video resources quickly becoming the norm for information sharing; but a Google 360 tour also allows your customers to experience your location 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without leaving the comfort of their homes – something that simply cannot be achieved though words. Why fight to find the perfect way to describe your business when it can speak for itself?

What is a Google 360 Tour?

A Google 360 tour is a virtual “walk through” of your location created through a composite of still images put together by a certified Google Trusted Photographer to create a realistic representation of your office, restaurant, gym, store or other business. Specifically, your Google 360 tour photographer will travel to your place of business, bringing all of their own equipment, and take high-quality still photographs that will be stitched into 360-degree views using panoramic camera technology. Since a Google 360 tour is a composite of multiple still images, the photographer can also create high quality still images of your location during the same visit for you to use however you see fit. Once editing is completed, the photographer will provide you with an embed link to your finished Google 360 tour  and upload it to Google Search, Google Maps Search, Google Maps, and your Google+ to maximize Google exposure.

Where Can I Use a Google 360 Tour?

When potential customers search for your business by name on Google, they will see your images displayed directly on the search results page. As shown below in the listing of one of our previous Google 360 clients, the Google 360 tour is front and center on your business listing and can be accessed as simply as clicking “see inside”.

google 360 tour

These panoramic images will also be published on Google+ Local pages, Google Maps and other Google properties and give customers a better sense of the layout, decor and beauty of your business interior. Using easy-to-use html snippets or Maps APIs, you can also link to these images from your own business website. Since the Google 360 tour is embedded on your website versus hosted directly on the site, you can reap all the benefits without increasing bandwidth or load times.



How Can a Google 360 Tour Benefit Me?

Put quite simply, a Google 360 tour sells your location for you! While this is important for any business, it can be absolutely necessary for business that sells a service. A Google 360 tour essentially allows the customer to get a “sneak peak” into what you have to offer. For a doctor’s office this may mean that they are more comfortable for a visit while for a travel destination, this may help a customer feel empowered to book a location they have not previously been to since they have actually seen what they are purchasing. Essentially, a Google 360 tour helps a potential customer feel more comfortable with a new business regardless of the service.

Likewise, it is important to remember the Google Maps is becoming ubiquitous. As Google releases increasingly sophisticated and interconnected services – it is vital to be sure that your business has the tools to use them. For example, did you know that Google Maps now pulls up any Google 360 tour for a location in a map search? Since Google Maps also now allows users to pull up locations by category type and/or location (gas stations and restaurants are prebuilt options for navigation while a user can manually search any business type) this means that by not having a Google 360 tour, you are missing an opportunity to convert a customer you may not otherwise have access to. Additionally, as Google 360 tours become increasingly interwoven into other Google applications, it will start be expected for a business to have one, not an “add-on”.

Still not sure if your business needs a Google 360 tour? Here is a simple question to answer: has there ever been another business in your field that may have been less than reputable or one that may have provided a substandard service or product? Then you can benefit from a Google 360 Tour! Make sure that you disassociate with such subpar competition and let your location shine!


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