Facebook Marketing Strategy: Organic vs. Paid

Your company needs a Facebook marketing strategy. Not just a business page. Not just a few good posts.


Are you wondering if Facebook Ads are worth the investment? Not sure if maintaining a Facebook business page is enough?

The truth is that amazing things happen when you have an optimized business page complementing stunning Facebook ads.

Why Facebook Marketing?

Facebook knows how valuable it is to businesses. More than 1.7 billion people use the social network every month. 1 in every 5 minutes spent on mobile is spent on Facebook or Instagram, the photo sharing network purchased by Facebook in 2012. That’s why Facebook offers marketing options such as business pages and ads.


We’re here to help you develop the best Facebook marketing strategy so you can get your brand in as many Newsfeeds as possible. In this article, we’ll teach you the difference between organic marketing and paid advertising and the basics on how to optimize them.

How to Create a Facebook Marketing Strategy

Utilize organic and paid advertising.

facebook marketing strategy

What is Organic Facebook Marketing?

Organic marketing refers to unpaid marketing. In general, organic marketing is meant to build brand awareness, express your brand’s personality, and let you interact with your customer base. It’s important to maintain a presence on Facebook to let users know your brand is active and engaged.

Create a Business Page

The first step for any business is to create a Facebook business page separate from your personal page. While it’s a good idea to give your business page a human touch, it’s not good to invite your customers into the intimate details of your and your family’s daily life.

Post Engaging Content

Studies show that users prefer to interact with exciting images and videos. Keep your text short and sweet. Make your customers feel valuable by asking them for specific feedback, opinions, and ideas.

Post Regularly

Keep your content coming. It may help you to create a social media calendar and set reminders for when and what to post. Avoid bursts of content followed by radio silence. Try to keep it consistent.

Measure Your Performance

This is the most crucial aspect of any marketing strategy. Start by setting weekly or monthly goals. Find out how you’re measuring them (likes, shares, engagement). Use Facebook’s Insights tool for quick and easy stats.

What is Facebook Advertising?

Have you ever scrolled through your Newsfeed and stopped on an eye-catching image? Did you notice the word “Sponsored” in the corner, or realize it was from one of your favorite retailers?

facebook marketing strategy

Narrow down who sees your ad by demographic, such as location.

These are Facebook Ads. And let’s face it: Facebook knows you better than your own mother. Much like Google AdWords, Facebook Ads are customizable so you can target by location, age, gender, interest, behavior, income, and more. You only pay when a potential customer clicks the ad. If you have the budget for it, paid ads can increase clicks, generate leads, and even convert new customers.

Who Should I Target?

When you create your Facebook marketing strategy, be sure you know what your audience looks like.


For example, if your company sells women’s leggings, you know to exclude men from seeing your ads. If they are extraordinarily expensive leggings, you may want to narrow your range of income.


Extra clicks by people who will almost certainly not convert into customers are wasted dollars.

Split Test to Improve Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

It’s important to test different images, calls to action, and ad copy. Change one at a time on a predetermined basis (monthly is usually best) and find which alternatives have the highest conversions and click-through rates (CTR).


Pro Tip: Set up a conversion pixel on your landing page. Simply log into Ads Manager, click on Conversion Tracking, then Create Pixel, and follow the step-by-step guide.

facebook marketing strategy

Create the Best Facebook Marketing Strategy

The best Facebook marketing strategies involve consistent organic and paid advertising, plus a boatload of time, research, and patience.


Organic marketing will help you generate awareness of your brand. But if you’re looking for traffic to your website, clicks, leads, and conversions, it is more effective to invest in paid ads. When used properly, Facebook Ads can help you find and convert potential customers with much more specificity.

Not Sure About All This?

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