7 Ways to Use a CRM as a Digital Marketing Solution

A well-implemented CRM (customer relationship management) or Enterprise Solution application will keep your team focused and improve your bottom line. Like all departments, your marketing team needs to have clear goals. Stay on top of them with a CRM.

Digital Marketing Management

Today’s breadth of multi-channel communication avenues is a blessing and curse.

On one hand, leads are easier than ever to find. Leads publicly express interest in your products or services on social networks. Content marketing allows clients to find and engage with your brand on their own. Social media allows you to voice your brand’s values, observe how your brand is being perceived, and intercept customer service issues before they damage your image.

On the other hand, managing customers’ needs is a lot more complicated when they’re coming at you from all angles instead of by phone, mail and fax only. Without diligent care, a customer’s Twitter rant could cause chaos for your company.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a digital marketing solution?

7 Ways to Use a CRM as a Digital Marketing Solution

The tools offered by most CRM or Enterprise Solutions can put you back in control.

1. Capture Real-Time Data

Track and manage your sales funnel, employee performance, and customer life cycle in real time. Why waste resources compiling reports once a month?

Access reports at a moment’s notice. Find your strengths, weaknesses, top performers, and areas for improvement and fix them on the go.

2. Empower Employees to Make Informed Decisions

Have you ever called a company with a question only to receive two different answers from two different employees? How frustrating!

Make sure the right hand knows what the left hand is doing. A CRM allows employees to examine analytics and access company resources so they all stay on the same page.

3. Contact Info and Dial-In Social Media

Many CRM and Enterprise Solutions allow you to track your social media mentions and actions and analyze the data. Even if they don’t, it’s crucial your team is tracking two important facts.

  • How did the customer hear about your company? Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, Phone?
  • What is the customer’s prefered method of contact?

These two questions will help you find more customers and retain them. It will also give you insights into what matters most to them.

4. Get A Detailed View of the Customer

If you aren’t using a CRM or Enterprise Solution, you don’t have a clear view of your customer. You might have an idea of your ideal customer. You might have an idea of how you’re tapping your ideal market.

A CRM offers business owners hard facts about their actual customers. This data can then be leveraged to maintain valuable customers. Learn which demographics offer your company the greatest opportunity for growth and use them.


5. Find Out Where They’re Coming From

As mentioned above, it’s important to learn where each individual customer found you. Compiling this information will help you know where your resources are be allocated.

You may find that most of your customers frequent Facebook. Next month, you need to put more effort into growing your presence in that community.

6. Create Templates

Create templates that fit your brand. Uniform invoices, e-mail blasts, and promotional content help customers identify your brand at a glance. This identification builds trust and recognizability over time.

7. Provide Excellent Customer Service

Customer service should be a part of your marketing strategy. Follow up with customers post-purchase via their prefered channel. We’re going for “wow.” Customers feel cared for when customer support checks in just to make sure everything is going as expected. And the customer will return the favor. Let the customer sing your praises in a public, digital forum.


Use Your CRM or Enterprise Solution for Digital Marketing

With proper implementation, a CRM could be your best shot at managing online interactions with customers. Simplify your life. Reallocate your resources toward your company’s strengths. Stay in control of your brand’s image online. Delight your customers and they will return the favor.

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