5 Steps to Google AdWords Success

Google AdWords can be an extremely effective form of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, or a big waste of money and time with a low ROI. It all depends on how you use it. Creating a campaign and making it profitable are two very different challenges. This five step guide can help you create a high ranking Google AdWords campaign.

What is Google AdWords?

Even if you’re new to PPC and Google AdWords, you’ll probably recognize the little green “Ad” icon that designates paid search results in Google versus organic results. Sponsored ads appear at the top, bottom and to the right of search engine results.


Google AdWords is the search engine’s advertising service. Your business can post ads triggered by keywords of your choosing. When a user types in those keywords, your ad may appear.

Why Should I Invest in Google AdWords?

The beauty in using Google AdWords as opposed to traditional forms of advertising is that you can target people who are already actively searching for your product or service. You also only pay when the user clicks your ad.

However, an ad campaign doesn’t guarantee clicks, and a click doesn’t ensure a customer. Take these steps to increase your odds at converting users into customers.

5 Steps to Google AdWords Success

1. Use Google’s AdWords Resources

You didn’t start your business without doing the appropriate research. Treat your ad campaign with the same due diligence.

Google offers a veritable encyclopedia of information on how to use AdWords. Advertisers can even become certified in Search, Video, Remarketing and other AdWords services to show their expertise. Several members of our team are AdWords certified.

Google also offers tools to build your keyword set, identify goals, and track impressions, clicks and conversions. Learn how to use these tools before you start setting budgets and running ads.

2. Set Clear Goals for Each AdWords Campaign

Before you click “Run Ad,” ask yourself this question: Do you know what you want from your AdWords campaign?

You may want to drive traffic to your website to build brand awareness. You may want to push a particular clearance item off the shelf. Whatever you want to do, know what it is before you start.

Each campaign should have a specific goal. With that goal in mind, you can start selecting keywords, building your landing page, and running your ad.

3. Set Your AdWords Budget

Budgets are set at the campaign level, but Google also allows your to set a maximum bid on your keywords. Keywords with high search volume are often more expensive. They may result in more views, but fewer conversions than keywords with lower search volume.

Figure out how expensive your expect your keywords to be before you set your budget. If you’re running a test campaign, which is a great idea by the way, set your budget a little lower.

4. Specify Your Keywords

When we say specify your Google AdWords keywords, we mean make them truly specific to your goal. We often see beginners create a list of every keyword associated with their business for a single campaign. This is terrible idea.

Instead, choose 10 to 20 of the most specific keywords to your goal. Incorporate the keywords into your ad copy and your landing page, making them as relevant to your goal as possible. Make sure there is no question in your potential customer’s mind that their click will result in access to the product or service they’re searching for.

Pro Tip: Bid on your brand. Don’t give your competitors an opportunity to use your brand as a keyword for their ad.

5. Track, Adapt, Repeat

A common pitfall we hear from our new clients is that they had a “set it and forget it” mentality. Marketing is an ongoing performance of A/B testing. Each time we learn whether A or B works better, we improve our ROI and continue toward success.

Before finalizing your campaign, make sure your landing page is setup to track conversions. Segment data in Google AdWords to measure your success. Change the ad copy, the landing page, OR a keyword, and check again in a week or a month.

The more you track, adapt and repeat, the more effective Google AdWords will be.

Grow Your Business with Google AdWords

There are many ways to optimize your Google AdWords advertising, but they take work, time, and know-how. We have a staff of certified AdWords team members who do everything from researching keywords to creating specific and exciting landing page experiences. Get the best ROI with Google AdWords and help your business grow.


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