What are 3 On-Page Ranking Factors?

What are 3 On-Page Ranking Factors?

Search engines are very particular about which websites they place at the top of results pages. Google ranks pages based on over 250 ranking factors while other search engines consider similar ranking factors as well. Most SEO experts won’t optimize for all 250+ ranking factors, but rather focus on those that have a big impact on traffic and conversion rates. At DesignLoud, we believe that the ranking factors mentioned below play an important in SEO, helping a website climb higher.

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1. Keywords

Keywords are a big part of SEO as they attract traffic to a website. A good combination of generic, long-tail, location-based, negative, and specific keywords mixed in with the content can help you rank higher.

Here are some places to include keywords:

  • Page URLs and titles. Make sure the URL is short, easy to remember, which improves user experience.
  • Name images with keywords to get more attention from search engines.
  • Drop keywords in the first 100 words of your content. This ensures higher keyword visibility.

Be sure to distinguish between research traffic keywords and converting traffic phrases as both will give different results.

2. Speed

People on the Internet have a short attention span. They’re not going to wait for more than two to three seconds for your website to load; if it takes longer, prospective customers will just leave. That’s why it’s important to optimize website speed on all platforms, including mobile. Cut down the file size, reduce image file sizes and make sure your website is clean and light. This ensures it will perform well even on different platforms and when you are
experiencing higher traffic.

Load time is one of the first factors search engine will check so improving it will increase ranking as well. Quick loading websites also have a better conversion rate so improving site speeds provides a dual benefit. Invest in a responsive, mobile-friendly site design for good future SEO results.

3. Links

Backlines, outbound links, and internal linking are a big aspect of SEO. Backlinks are off- site, not entirely under your control. Outbound links direct readers to high-authority websites with relevant information. This shows your content’s connection with the third-party information. Pages with more outbound links are likely to rank higher on search engine results pages. Internal links help spread traffic juice, compelling prospects to explore more content and stay longer.

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